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An organization dedicated to integrating undergraduate and graduate Drexel University students of all disciplines with curiosity, enthusiasm and motivation to explore aeronautics.

Alpha Omega Epsilon (A.O.E.)

A sorority for Engineers and Technical Majors that is social and professional in scope. Our mission is promote friendship, leadership, and professionalism to all members of the organization, the community, and our professions.

American Chemical Society Drexel Student Affiliates (ACS)

The ACS will provide students with opportunities to gain information about chemistry and "Green Chemistry" both through published materials and tours and trips, potential networking opportunities with peers and professionals, and community service.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

AIAS is a national, non-profit and completely student led organization, that focuses on the culture of architectural education and practice. The Drexel Chapter focuses on advancing leadership, design, and service among architecture students.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a globally recognized organization for the chemical engineering profession. For over 100 years AIChE has been working to distinguish and define chemical engineering as a profession.

American Marketing Association Drexel (AMAD)

The American Marketing Association Drexel aims to further students’ knowledge of all applications of marketing, while also providing the extracurricular opportunities needed to make students competitive in today’s job market.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Student Chapter (ASBMB Student Chapter)

A club recognized nationally by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) with the purpose of advancing undergraduate science research.

American Society of Civil Engineers - Drexel University Student Chapter (DUASCE)

We are an organization that fosters professional development, academic excellence, and leadership. We bridge the gap between students and professionals by serving as a connection to City, Regional, and National sections of ASCE.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

We offer events such as competitions, socials, networking opportunities, and tours. Being involved with ASME gives you that edge over any other student when competing for a job. So get involved today to reap the benefits of being an active member.

Anthropological Association of Drexel University (AADU)

An organization that spotlights research and facilitates discussion in the four distinct subfields of anthropology. We allow for collaboration between Drexel University students with an interest in the social sciences.

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