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Gamma Sigma Sigma (GSS)

Gamma Sigma Sigma promotes a lifelong commitment to service and diversity, in an environment of unity and equality, while creating opportunities for growth.

Global China Connection (GCC)

Global China Connection is a non-profit, non-partisan student organization, dedicated to providing the future leaders of China and the international community with a platform for mutual engagement. We welcome everyone with interests and passion to join.

Global Health Forum (GHF)

The Forum increases awareness of global health issues through social and academic venues. Engages Drexel student through discourse and involvement in global health events . Fosters a global mindset among present and future public health practitioners.

Golden Key International Honour Society (Golden Key (GK))

Golden Key International Honour Society's mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.

Graduate Resource Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (GRAND)

GRAND is for anyone interested in the field of nutrition/dietetics! GRAND volunteers together, holds lectures on various health-related subjects, and integrates professional and academic development with networking opportunities.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The mission of this organization shall be to advocate the interests and address concerns of graduate students at Drexel University; to enhance graduate student life at the University; and to provide a formal means of communication between graduate

Graduate Television Student Association (GTSA)

The Graduate Television Student Association creates opportunities for graduate Television Management students and other Drexel students to network with television and media industry professionals and learn about the past, present and future of TV.

Graphics Group

The Graphics Group provides professional design services to students, student organizations and the faculty, staff and departments at the University. We have a pool of 50 extremely talented and well-trained (including award-winning) students.