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American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

AIAS is a national, non-profit and completely student led organization, that focuses on the culture of architectural education and practice. The Drexel Chapter focuses on advancing leadership, design, and service among architecture students.

Arts Administration Graduate Association (AAGA)

The AAGA exists to enhance the Drexel Arts Administration program academically, professionally, and socially by supplementing it with learning, networking, and extracurricular opportunities.

Ascend Drexel Student Chapter

Since 2005, Ascend has been growing its presence throughout the US - with more than 30 student and 17 professional chapters in and around major business hubs. Our growing number of Professional Chapters, with over 60,000 members from 200 companies.

Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

The BGSA is an organization dedicated to building a strong social and academic community through the unification of graduate students from the Department of Biology and the Department of Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Science.

Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association (CBEGSA)

Supporting academic, social, and professional development events for Chemical Engineering graduate students and others graduate associations.

Chemistry Graduate Student Association (ChemGSA)

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association works on the behalf of chemistry graduate students in order to encourage a constructive relationship between the students, faculty, staff and administration of the department of Chemistry at Drexel University.

College of Computing and Informatics Doctoral Student Association (CCIDSA)

Organization dedicated to developing and maintaining a social and academic community among CCI PhD students.


We're the local chapter of Cru, an international, interdenominational Christian missions organization passionate about connecting people to Christ.

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Graduate Society (CAEE-GS)

The purpose of this society is to work on behalf of the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering graduate students to promote activities among graduate students and faculty; to encourage cross program academic activities;

Disciples InDeed (DID)

The purpose of Disciples InDeed is to build personal relationships with Jesus Christ and each other. As a community, we learn about Christ, encourage each other to grow spiritually, and express our faith in words and in deeds.

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