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Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF)

Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF) is a student organization, branched from Grace Covenant Church, that seeks to raise and train spiritual leaders in the Drexel community.

Health Guardians of America (HGA)

Health Guardians of America is a 501(c)(3) health nonprofit organization leading a national campaign for the public health issue of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes through such programs like FITLIFE.

Health Management and Policy Club (HMP Club)

Health Management and Policy Club (HMP Club) is a student organization that provides a forum for colleagues to discuss policy and management issues that affect the population health of Philadelphia, the US and the world. All graduate students are welcome.

Hellenic Student Association (HSA)

The Hellenic Student Association (HSA) unites Greek-Americans, Greeks, Cypriots, and Philhellenes under one organization to promote the Greek culture and traditions.

Her Campus Drexel (HC Drexel) is the #1 online magazine for college women. Her Campus™ Drexel serves as an online hotspot for everything college women need to know about life on campus. The site features articles on Style, Health, Love, Life, Career, and much more.

Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC)

HSAC, the volunteer advisory committee of the Honors Program, is dedicated to the fundamental success of Drexel University's Honors Students. Its purpose is to foster a sense of community by promoting academic, social, and community service