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Icarus Interstellar (Drexel University Chapter) (Drexel Interstellar)

Mission Statement: To achieve interstellar flight by the year 2100.

Impact Awards

Impact Awards honor positive contributions to our Drexel community.

Indian Undergraduate Students Association (DISHA)

Welcome to DISHA, the Drexel Indian Undergraduate Students Association. This association's main purpose is to celebrate the radiant spirit of India and share India's rich, rhythmic and fascinating cultural heritage with the diverse student body at

Indonesian Student Association (INASA)

Indonesian Student Association is to promote and characterize Indonesian culture, foster bonds with other cultural communities, and to care for the Indonesian community through service and support in Drexel University.

Innovative Drexel Entrepreneurship Association (iDEA)

The Innovative Drexel Entrepreneurship Association is a student-run organization dedicated to providing entrepreneurial events, resources, and connections.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council is the governing body for the 13 fraternities that reside in Drexel University. We enhance the collegiate experience of Greek men through community service, philanthropy, continuing education, social, and athletics.

International Graduate Student Association (IGSA)

The mission of this organization shall be to advocate the interests, address the concerns, improve the communication channels, and augment the life of international graduate students at Drexel University.

International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS)

International Students and Scholar Services

International Students Union (ISU)

To help incoming international students integrate into the Drexel society. To ease their transition to a new culture and place a comfortable and enjoyable experience. To achieve a multi-cultural awareness and promote mutual respect of diverse heritages.

Interprofessional Diversity Organization (IDO)

IDO aims to unite all pre-health students and foster diverse interdisciplinary teams by: Promoting cultural awareness, sensitivity, and support, creating an open forum to discuss issues, concerns, and experiences.

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