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Latinos for a United Campus (LUC)

The object of our organization is to create latino cultural awareness and to unite the latino community at Drexel. Membership is open to all full-time, part-time, undergraduate/graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff of Drexel

Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT)

A workforce and leadership development for STEM, finance, entrepreneurship, public policy, education, entertainment, media and social innovation majors in the Latino community. The organization is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.


We are the Drexel University student yearbook.

Lindy Center for Civic Engagement (Lindy Center)

Mission statement: Drexel University’s Lindy Center for Civic Engagement promotes the ideals of social responsibility and public service by facilitating community based experiential learning for students, faculty, and staff. Through collaborations with t

Lindy Scholars Program

Become a tutor and mentor for local middle school youth!