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Malaysian Students Association (MSA)

The Malaysian Students Association is a cultural organization opened to both Malaysian and non-Malaysian students. It provides students with an open and positive sharing environment to foster friendships among students interested in the Malaysian culture

Management Information Systems Organization (MISO)

MISO (Management Information Systems Organization) is an organization for students in the study of Information Systems and related Business courses.

Material Advantage (MA)

The Drexel University Chapter of Material Advantage is a professional organization open to anyone with an interest in the field of material science and engineering.

Materials Engineering Graduate Student Network (MAGNET)

MAGNET and its officers will be empowered to work on behalf of the Materials Engineering graduate students to represent their interests in departmental functioning, needs and general welfare. MAGNET is a voluntary organization.

Materials Research Society (MRS)

The Materials Research Society (MRS) Drexel Chapter promotes interdisciplinary basic research on materials as quintessential of 21st century research. Events organised include seminars, workshops, and discussions to better understand and update our knowl

Maternal and Child Health Student Organization at Drexel University (MCHSO)

The goal of this organization is to explore a broad range of maternal and child health topics, including birth outcomes, child/adolescent health, environmental conditions that impact the health of mothers and children through guests, articles, and events

MathBytes Graduate Student Organization (MathBytes)

The MathBytes Graduate Student Organization is focused primarily on promoting interest and awareness in the fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics through networking activities and involvement in the community.

Mathematics Student Organization (MSO)

The MSO is committed to bringing together undergraduate students with a common interest in various aspects of mathematics in order to have fun with math and to learn both together and from one another.

Maya Literary Magazine (Maya)

Maya is Drexel's only undergraduate literary magazine. We publish an annual magazine showcasing selected student works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MEGA)

MEGA provides avenues through which Graduate students within and outside of Mechanical Engineering to network and disseminate information directly related to the success and health of the student body. This includes social/networking and academic events.

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