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Recreation Student Staff

Recreation Staff page

Renewal College Fellowship (RCF)

Drexel RCF is a college ministry affiliated with Renewal Presbyterian Church where college students can hopefully experience the gospel of the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ within a caring Christian community.

Residential Living Office (RLO)

Creating residential communities that facilitate engaged learning for students

Retail and Design Club ((RAD))

Retail and Design Club is an organization that offers students the opportunity to experience the retail and merchandising industries through trips, on campus events, speakers, and networking. Open to all Drexel Students.

Rho Psi Eta, Pre-Health Sorority, Gamma Chapter (ΡΨΗ)

Rho Psi Eta is a Pre-Health Academic Sorority that thrives on the passion for sisterhood, service, academic excellence, and the health/medical field.

Rotaract Club of Drexel University (Drexel Rotaract)

Community service on international and domestic level Join today to contribute to noble causes like building a school in Guatemala, educational programs and humanitarian efforts