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Taiwanese Student Association (Drexel TSA)

Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) exists as a platform to promote and characterize Taiwanese culture. We organize social, educational, cultural activities and other humanitarian services for all Drexel University members interested in Taiwanese culture

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)

Tau Beta Pi is the National Engineering Honors Society, which encourages an open-minded liberal culture within the engineering discipline.


TechServ is committed to bridging the Digital Divide in the Philadelphia area by refurbishing computers to donate to non-profit organizations in need and hosting technology-related educational workshops. We welcome students of all experience levels!

The Accounting Society (TAS)

The Accounting Society intendeds to oversee the four accounting organizations on campus, to ensure act with unified intent. Additionally, we will aid the underclassmen in understanding the accounting curriculum, CPA Exam and networking.

The Cleftomaniacs (The Cleftos)

The Cleftomaniacs are Drexel's first and only co-ed a cappella group! It was formed in 2012 to fill the gap left by the all-male and all-female groups on campus.

The Climate Reality Project (Climate Reality or TCRP)

The Climate Reality Project was founded by former Vice-President Al Gore in 2006. Climate Reality's goal is to make Drexel a greener university through student activism and awareness.

The Drexel French Club (Les Pennoni Francophones!)

French Club is about allowing Drexel students who are taking or having taken French language courses to immerse themselves in French-speaking cultures, the French language, and to meet other students sharing their passion while having fun.

The Good Idea Fund (TGIF)

The Good Idea Fund exists as a way for individual students, faculty, staff, and recognized student organizations to apply and access student activity fee funds to engage the undergraduate student body.

The Paleontology and Geology Club of Drexel University (PGD/Stones and Bones)

We are here to educate members of the greater Drexel community of the geologic processes and prehistoric life of the Earth. Our goal is to provide guest lectures, field trips, as well as activities to both educate and entertain the Drexel Community.

The STS Collective (STS Collective)

The STS Collective is an academically focused graduate student organization. STS (Science, Technology, and Society) is the study of influence science, technology, and medicine, and how science, technology, and medicine influence these contexts.

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