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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors is an Office of Campus Activities recognized group dedicated to providing the Drexel community with fun opportunities to engage with the outdoors in an exciting way. Our mission is to make the outdoors accessible to Drexel students.

West Indian Student Establishment (WISE)

The purpose of this organization is to socially, academically, and culturally unite the West Indian student population at Drexel University, providing a channel for the sharing of the Caribbean culture, traditions and beliefs with the entire community.

Westphal Student Advisory Board (WSAB)

The purpose of this organization shall be to unify the voices of the diverse majors and programs within the Westphal COMAD by acting as an advisory board to the Office of the Dean and working with the Administration to improve student life.

Wilbur W. Oaks Physician Assistant Student Society

This society serves as the official organization of the Drexel University Hahnemann Physician Assistant Program

WKDU Philadelphia 91.7FM (WKDU)

WKDU is an award winning non-commercial college radio station located in Philadelphia, PA broadcasting on 91.7 FM. It is owned and operated by Drexel University and it's students.

Women in Computing Society (WiCS)

The Women in Computing Society (WiCS) is an organization tailored specifically to women in technology-related majors at Drexel University. Its purpose is to support, recruit, and retain women pursuing a degree in the field.

Women in Physics Society (WiPS)

The objectives of this organization are to promote community among the undergraduate women in physics by organizing events, outreach activities, and providing support for one another.

Women's Empowerment at Drexel (WE at Drexel)

The goal of Women's Empowerment at Drexel is to increase the confidence of the female student body at Drexel through discussions, events, and campaigns.

Worlds Speak Freely (WSF)

WSF is an English conversation club that 1) helps international students transition into a new environment, 2) creates a safe space for people to practice their language skills, and 3) builds a supportive WSF "family" of both ESL and native speakers.